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Registration Guide

ASU requires the completion of general studies courses.   On this page is a list of recommended courses, which specifically includes Humanities, Arts, and Design (HU) and Social-Behavioral Sciences (SB) courses. You might also see a G, H, or C notation.  Those refer to awareness areas.  You must complete a course in each of those awareness areas.  One way to do that is to take a course that is, for example, and HU and a C or an HU and a G. View this Step by Step Guide for Registration. Below are some courses recommended by current students:

AFR 210Intro to African American StudiesC
AFR 200Introduction to Africana StudiesSB,H,G
AIS 180Intro to American Indian StudiesC
ALA 100Intro to Environmental DesignHU,H,G
APA 200Intro to Asian Pacific American StudiesHU,SB
ARS 101Art-Pre-history through the Middle AgesHU,H
ARS 102Art from the Renaissance to PresentHU,H
ARS 250History of PhotographyHU
ASB 100Intro to Global HealthSB,G
ASB 101Anthropology:  Understanding Human DiversitySB,G
ASB 102Culture in a Globalizing WorldSB,G
ASB 202Immigration & Ethnic Relations in U.S.SB,C,H
ASB 211Women in other CulturesHU,SB,G
ASB 222Buried Cities & Lost TribesHU,SB,C,G
ASB 223 Aztecs, Incas and Mayas HU,SB,H,G
CDE 232Human DevelopmentSB,H
CEE 181Technological, Social, and Sustainable SystemsHU
COM 100Intro to Human CommunicationSB
COM 110Elements of Interpersonal CommunicationSB
COM 230Small Group CommunicationSB
 COM 263Elements of Intercultural CommunicationSB,C,G
CON 101Construction & Culture: a Built EnvironmentHU,H,G
CRJ 100Introduction to Criminal Justice SB
DCE 100Intro to DanceHU,G
DCE 201Dance, Culture, & Gobal ContextHU,G
DSC 101Design AwarenessHU,G
ECN 211MacroeconomicsSB
ECN 212MicroeconomicsSB
ENG 201World LiteratureHU,H
FAS 101Personal Growth in Human RelationshipsSB
FMS 100Intro to FilmHU
GCU 102Intro to Human GeographySB,G
GCU 121World GeographySB,G
GLG 101Intro to Physical Geology (SQ with GLG 103)G
GLG 102Intro to Historical Geology (SG with GLG 104)H
GLG 110Dangerous World (SG with GLG 111)G
GRA 111Graphic Design HistoryHU
HST 100Global History to 1500HU,H,G
HST 101Global History since 1500HU,H,G
HST 103Western Civilization: Renaissance to EnlightenmentHU,SB,H
HST 104Western Civilization: French Revolution to European UnionHU,SB,H,G
HST 107Asian CivilizationsSB,H,G
HST 109U.S. History to 1865HU,SB,H
HST 110U.S. History Since 1865SB,H
HST 328Women in U.S. History 1880-1980HU,SB,C,H
HST 332Mexican American History Since 1900SB,C,H
HST 338American Indian History Since 1900HU,SB,C,H
 INT 111Interior Design Issues & TheoriesHU
JUS 105Intro to Justice StudiesHU,SB
JUS 200Topics in Concepts & Issues of JusticeSB
MCO 120Media & SocietySB
MUS 347Jazz in AmericaHU,C
MUS 354Popular Music (various genres)HU
MUS 355American MusicHU,C,H
PHI 101Intro to PhilosophyHU
PHI 105Intro to EthicsHU
POS 110Government & PoliticsSB
POS 150Comparative GovernmentSB,G
POS 160Global PoliticsSB,G
POS 210Political IdeologiesSB
PRM 120Leisure & Quality of LifeSB
PSY 101Introduction to PsychologySB
PUP 190Sustainable CitiesHU,SB,G
PUP 200Cities in CinemaHU,H
REL 100Religions of the WorldHU,G
REL 202Religion in Popular CultureHU,C
REL 210Intro to JudaismHU,H
REL 260Intro to IslamHU,G
REL 270Intro to ChristianityHU
REL 320American Religious TraditionsHU,C,H,G
REL 321Religion in AmericaHU,C,H
SGS 101Thinking Globally: The Individual and AuthoritySB
SGS 203Contemporary Global TrendsSB,G
SOC 101Introduction to SociologySB
SOC 241Modern Social ProblemsSB
SPE 222Orientation to Education of Exceptional ChildrenSB,C
SWU 171Intro to Social WorkSB,H
SWU 250Stress Management ToolsSB
TCL 101Intro to Transborder Chicano/a and Latino/a StudiesHU,C
TDM 205Intro to Travel & TourismG
TEL 111Exploration of EducationSB
THE 100Intro to TheatreHU
WST 100Women, Gender, and SocietySB,C
WST 300Women and Gender in Contemporary SocietySB,C,G